How To Get a Job in The US From Saudi Arabia

How To Get a Job in The US From Saudi Arabia

How To Get a Job in The US From Saudi Arabia

If you are reading this then you must be looking for some good information on how to get a job in the US from Saudi Arabia. I was recently asked to relocate to the US from England and had to find a good way of doing so. My English was poor and my grammar skills were very poor but I was very determined and kept at it. Here is what I did.

I joined a University in Maryland (soon to become George Washington University). It was very hard to get a job there as they always preferred those from a western European background or ethnic group. The US is not that big a market compared to the rest of Europe and so you have to be more creative. I discovered that this can be done by learning English. This proved to be a good thing as Americans are quite open and accepting when it comes to foreign cultures and indeed language.

The University has a major in International Business and you can do a lot of networking there. The US is still a good market for jobs for expatriates. You just need to look for them. Some may be easier than others but I have learned that it pays to know how to get a job in the US from Saudi Arabia.

The first step is to speak to people and use Facebook and other social networking sites. I am not sure about you but I seem to chat more to expatriates than anyone else! So this would be a good place to start. Once you establish some friendships then you could try and get jobs. You should never approach anyone directly but always use indirect conversations.

Try and talk to a few US citizens over the phone. Use this opportunity to talk to a potential boss or ask if there are any jobs in the region you want to work in. When you talk to them, talk casually about yourself and ask if you can do the job. Ask if you have any qualifications.

If you are successful then you could try and get an interview with one of the Human Resources officers. Don’t forget to dress up nice. It will look good on you in front of the interview panel if you come in stylish but make sure you have your CV handy so they can get to know you a bit better.

Try and be proactive. Keep a list of your achievements and maybe a shortlist. Go through these listed items and your career goals. Put the best of the good ones together and send this to the person you met online. If they like what you have to offer then maybe you will hear soon.

If all fails and you still have not heard anything, then try and search for the job in an alternative Arab region. Search online for the requirements. For example if there are many qualified people applying for a position in a particular city you could try and apply to that city. This is another tip on how to get a job in the US from Arab countries.

The Internet has made it much easier to network. There are websites out there that cater specifically to this type of networking. You can join these communities and build contacts. The more you build up contacts the better chance you have of working.

The next thing you should do is get in touch with human resources department of the region you are aiming for. They can provide you with a job if you apply with the right credentials. Another good thing about the US/Arabs job market is that you have a good chance of finding a permanent position. Most of the time there are contracts out there which can be extended once you have reached a certain salary level.

Try and visit at least two or three Arab countries before you decide on your final choice. Each region has something unique to offer. For example the Saudi/Usistani market can provide you with great opportunities to travel and explore without ever leaving the comfort of your home. If you prefer to work in an office environment then you will have your choice of working in a number of large companies throughout the Middle East. If you are thinking about how to get a job in the US from Arab countries then consider the above ideas as well as others.

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